Scaling a $ 3 – 5 Mn ARR manufacturing company to a $ 100+ Mn ARR market leader : How would you approach this?

If you’re not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Jim Rohn
Burning Bright | Image by hibphotography from Pixabay

At THEV, we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with FMS Delhi as the Title Sponsor for their Annual Case Competition CONQUEST ’24 and Guesstimate Competition GUESSTIMATE QUEST ’24.

Approximately 1600 participants (1017 teams) from India’s leading management, engineering, and undergraduate and postgraduate colleges registered for the same. After the first round of the competition, the Top 100 teams advanced to the second round (The Case Submission Round). After the case submission round, the top 10 shortlisted teams finally presented their solutions to the jury members.

The initiative was organized and spearheaded by The Consulting Club, FMS Delhi and ably supported by the FMS Delhi student teams Fiesta, FMS Delhi, Media Relations Cell, FMS Delhi, Tamasha, FMS Delhi; and the Delhi University publication DU.Today.

The Case Study shared was scaling a currently $ 3 – 5 Mn ARR company to a $ 100 Mn ARR company in 10 years, along with tackling the varied challenges faced by the company on the journey.

The recorded Annual Case Competition 2024 with some of the strategic insights and innovation solutions is shared below.

FMS Delhi Annual Case Competition CONQUEST ’24 | Title Sponsor: THEV

If you were a manufacturing company facing the varied challenges described in the case study, or if the company leadership called you in to help assist the company on these fronts… How would you approach this?

* FMS Delhi is amongst the top management institutions in India, and is currently ranked 2nd in the Top MBA Colleges in India (2024) by the Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF).