IIT to remove ceiling fans to curb suicides!!

Tripped on this article today morning: IIT to remove ceiling fans to curb suicides… and yes, it got me thinking for all the wrong reasons!The prominent thought on my mind was not about the proposed solution but whether the ‘right’ issue was being addressed at all?

Curb the cause, not just the how!

I believe that they should think of nipping the problem right at the roots.

Treat the causes of depression by building more approachable counselling points – helpful senior students who can be reached etc. (Counsellors, Faculty might come across as a bit intimidating).
Build myths, legends of alumni/ current senior students who scored low at first, but went on to do well later in studies and in life; Positive reinforcements that they were good enough to crack the damn entrance exam etc.

Spreading such stories can be done at the College Canteens, Mess, Other joints; where the ‘Cooler’ Faculty & Students hang out.

I have always observed that when you make something a life-and-death issue, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and the pressure increases… and yes, the reverse holds just as true!

A major part boils down to creating an environment where there might be issues, but not grave enough to give suicide a thought.
* and having read ‘ The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell’ about suicides… it might be even counter-productive to focus on suicides than working on how to create a less stressful environment… ! *
p.s.: Not really important at the end of it all, but if am not wrong, pedestal fans cost more than the ceiling fans… !