Changing Statistics, Together

Changing Infant Mortality Statistics | Picture Credit : Child Rights and You (CRY)



I will be hitting my 30th Birthday in 8 more days.


Not a big deal, except the fact that I don’t really understand or enjoy celebrations on the day, and hence have decided to move away from more such non-essential formalities as I take on the next years of my life. What I intend to replace them with is more conscious decision and action, to make more things happen, and to create meaningful impact for a few more individuals along the course of my journey.


Now it might sound all altruistic & shiny, but let me state it is hardly so given I am more or less ‘selfishly’ working majorly only with the organizations I advise (and/ or hold equity in) the rest of the year – By changing this, I hope to achieve a more focussed opportunity to use and leverage my skills and learnings with a few more genuine individuals and organizations who are really working on grass-root level social change.


This year, I have been invited by, & am partnering with, ‘Child Rights and You (CRY)’ ; to run 21.1 Kilometers in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM 2015) as a CARE Champion (Diamond) for them.


By doing so, I intend to raise INR 5 Lakh, or approximately, $7800 towards the immunization of 400 infants, 0 – 1 years of age.


FYI, I am a hard core foodie, have almost always been on the healthier side, and have not really been into training-till-I-cry-myself-to-sleep for a major part of my life (> 95% till now) : In short, I am not a regular runner, not an athlete, and this is definitely not amongst the easiest things I have done.


I realize that not only has this commitment helped me personally overcome my previously-set notions of my physical limits ; but the process can help CRY get 400 infants to the next level of survival. Here are a few not-so-fun facts:


  • 0.7 Million infants die in the first 4 weeks after their birth
  • 1 Million infants die before reaching their first birthday
  • Only 44% of children 12 – 23 months are fully immunized against the 6 major preventable diseases
  • 45.9% of children under 3 are underweight
  • 80% of children under the age of 3 have anaemia




For the campaign undertaken, you can add power to the efforts underway to change all this, for as low as INR 100 (less than $2).

If we work together, we can make the statistics change for the better. My hope is, together we will.


Changing Infant Mortality Statistics | Picture Credit : Child Rights and You (CRY)
Changing Infant Mortality Statistics | Picture Credit : Child Rights and You (CRY)


A huge shoutout to all the brilliant leaders who are partnering for the initiative:





  • Achyut Hatimuria & Joymalya Das are doing a Pictures Project capturing the experience of representing CRY at ADHM and training for my first ever Half Marathon attempt.
    The pictures project will cover the experiences spread across 4 days including (a) Site visit to the Grassroot NGOs, (b) Marathon Training, (c) Influencer Evening, (d) Day of ADHM 2015.








Cheers & Best,




Note For the incredible and kind individuals, who have been reaching me towards long term non-profit initiatives – I have already been invited by a genuine organization working on grass root level issues with the United Nations & some incredible world leaders, to work with them, plus represent them in the ADHM next year (now that I think of it, yep, more than a year in advance); and I have already confirmed the same with them. Best,